Recycle Reuse Return

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Zahra is more than just a business for us! Zahra is a community, a platform dedicated to raising awareness. We aim to educate ourselves and others by creating higher quality standards and minimizing the impact we have on the natural world.


Our commitment to sustainability stems from a deep desire to be in harmony with nature. We aim to protect and conserve the biodiversity and live a healthier life.


The ‘Recycle Reuse Return’ policy is our way of implementing the change we want to see in the world. We invite you to be part of this journey we call Zahra and join our community!

Education is the first step
towards a greener future

We have a strong responsibility to provide safe, healthy and sustainable products. By using 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly containers, we join the increasing environmental consciousness wave and protect this planet we call home!


Our wish is to create an economy based on conservation. We thus provide clean products packaged in accessible, beautiful and eco-friendly containers.

At Zahra, we use 3 types of packaging for our products.


1. SULAPAC 100% biodegradable/0-waste jars – for face, hands and multi purpose premium creams


SULAPAC containers are made from 100% bio based materials such as wood and plant based binders. Through the SULAPAC `take back program`, we can send all containers back to the company for industrial composting. This process doesn’t leave permanent microplastic behind and is in accordance to European standards for composability of packaging. For more information, please send us a message or visit their website here.

2. Tapioca starch compostable containers – for solid shampoos, body washes and soaps


Tapioca starch is a 100% biodegradable, natural material that disintegrates and degrades in nature in 6-12 months or in 7 days in water at room temperature.


3. Glass containers – for shower gels, hand wash liquid soaps, oils and candles


Some products come naked, meaning they don’t come in any form of packaging and can be bought straight from our showroom and stored in your choice of container brought from home.


All our tags are 0-waste and totally eco friendly!

Join our Recycle Reuse Return program and get a 5% discount on all refills!





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